Annual Audience Favorites Show

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We’ve got our audience favorites show this Friday and Saturday night at 9. It has favorites. From our audience. Well, the audience favorite things we did. Which makes them theirs. But still ours. I mean, if they printed them, they’d be stealing. Which would suck. Which our show doesn’t.

I mean look at this show poster.



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Mind the Gap

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Let’s just pretend that I did my last post just a couple of days ago and not… *CHECKS CALENDAR* …six months? Six? Six fucking months? Christ, I’m lazy. (Apologies to RoJo’s lethargic Jewish friends)

Anyways, the simple bit: We have new shows this weekend, Friday, Dec 19 (8:30) and Saturday, 20th (8:00) at Upstage in NoDa. Sure, you ask why different times each night? I’ll tell you why: Friend of the RoJo crew, Carlos Valencia is recording a standup album after the show on Friday and you could be there! Admittedly, you could be anywhere, seeing as you are alive and possessed of the ability to move yourself from one place to another (wasting time reading a Charlotte comedy group’s blog not withstanding), but you could be at this show. That way when you buy the album later (this argument depends on you accepting that you are going to buy the album), you can be like “OMG! I was totally there in the background respectfully laughing at the appropriate points and not being the sort of dickbag who tries to act up hoping he’ll end up on an album as the audio equivalent of writing in fresh cement!”

So there’s that. Go do that. Now for the next bit. I’m expecting children. And, unlike the time I expected to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance, this is probably going to happen. As a result, I’m not going to physically be in shows for a while. And while this may seem a tragedy to you readers (who are visiting suddenly after a six month absence for some reason), bear in mind that I am a much better writer than I am a performer. Several of my most famous (again, relative) scenes are ones in which I do not speak at all. So, in the words of many a politician and CEO, I am going to be focusing on and spending time with my family. And yes, again, I say ‘children’ and ‘family’ because as with so many other things in life, I have apparently hit the weirdest odds possible and we’re having twins. On the upside, I may be able to get most of parenthood out of the way on the first go around. On the downside, I AM GOING TO DIE BECAUSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO RAISE TWO BABIES SIMULTANEOUSLY DIE SUDDENTANEOUSLY.

My wife says I’ll be okay. She also says that I need to shut up and let her rest because her body is currently being drained of precious resources and energy faster than a recently liberated country.

I am going to be focusing on writing, because unlike acting, I can do it at pretty much any time and in my underwear while crying (though I think that was most of an entire movie with Christina Ricci that one time). And blogging. Because blogging is still a thing, right? People do that and not Instagram and Twitter, right?

Anyways, come see the show. I know I won’t.


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Save the NC Film Incentive! (sorry, we hate politics, too)

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Hey, folks. As folks who entertain you in bars, we know you hate things that interrupt your non-stop happy-fun time. But, we also know some of you give a damn about your state, so I’m going to be political-ish for a minute.

The NC Film incentive is in danger of going away. I know a ton of people who benefit from the film industry and a ton of those folks will have to, like carnival workers follow to where there is work. These aren’t folks who are buying their fancy pants off of Amazon or from Hollywood. No, these people buy locally-made fancy pants using fabric from recycled NASCAR tires and old Wachovia golf shirts.

If you have time, I’d ask you to email your representative something like the below. I wouldn’t suggest emailing 10 or more at a time since you might get caught in a spam filter for the legislature.

And people hate spam filters like they hate imported fancy pants.

Representative –

I’d like to ask your assistance on a matter moderately important to me, and extremely important to my closest friends.
The NC Film Incentives are a fantastic growth opportunity for economic development here in North Carolina. They have brought many film industry productions to us and were slated to continue that path.
I have several friends who rely on the business that these incentives bring. My friends are directly involved in set design, graphic art, marketing, scripting, local talent recruiting, and much more.
If the incentives are changed into the proposed plan, they would virtually eliminate the low- and medium-budget filming and film production in North Carolina. It may not seem like much, but this business provides steady, year-round work for many citizens of the state. The blockbuster big name shows and movies are great, but they can’t happen year round and won’t given that there will be hard caps on the incentive fund.
Quite frankly, Georgia will continue to steal away business that currently resides in North Carolina and that’s bad for us economically, and worse for my friends who will have to live in Atlanta.
So I ask you, please do what you can to keep the NC Film Incentives strong. For our state’s economy, for our jobs, and for my friends.
The full email list is below. (If you’d just like to look up yours, you can go here)


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Croh no!

May 2nd, 2014 by OddBot · 2 Comments

G’day folks. A lot of long time friends of the show know that while the majority of our cast lives entirely healthy, organic lives as fitness models completely untraumatized by our bodies or our pasts, a few of us are sickly. Normally we just kind of let that sickness sit there at a party in the background like a fat, lonely friend, ignoring them and hoping that they don’t go on a moping rampage, ruining the night for the friend that brought them when they announce that they have to GO NOW.

One of the folks in our group has what is generally described as “Christ? Is anything right with you?”, a lot of which stems from their Crohn’s disease. It’s a terrible illness that, as you may have guessed from the name, is a disease. I’ve known a few people who suffer from it and its rough watching them go through it as it comes on sometimes at random and derails their ability to get on with their life. Missing days at work, keeping them from coming out to the titty bar with you, making them miss group hang out events and even causing them horrible, terrible pain that makes it feel like the universe hates them. (NOTE: The universe is on record as having official policy of hate against them… or so it says)

At any rate, there are people out there who are combatting this illness. Most of them are scientist, but some of them are specially trained, rag-tag groups of ex-military commandos. If you have Chron’s disease, if no one else can help, and if you can find them,  maybe you can hire them.


But as with all sorts of science, it takes money. And money comes from fund-raisers (and hustling, if songs are to be believed). One of our friends is doing just that right now. If you’ve got some time, please consider donating to this cause. The literally (Editor’s Note: INSERT NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM THIS BEFORE PUTTING UP THIS POST SO YOU DON’T LOOK STUDPI) who suffer from Crohn’s disease will thank you.


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Simpler times

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Getting old sucks.

Actually, I’m lying. Getting old is pretty fantastic except for the whole container for your soul falling apart thing. Other than that, it’s pretty fantastic. One of the downsides is that both with age and marriage, I’ve gathered up a number of accessories that I hadn’t intended… And no, my wife is not an accessory, contrary to what I will tell you over beers and nachos that I punctuate with my secretly held anti-feminist views. I do a great impersonation of Betty Friedan as a phone sex operator that only works if I have sour cream and salsa.

The accessories that I mention are attire. 5 years ago, life was simple. I had one pair of shoes and one pair of flip-flops, all my pants were jeans – excepting my one suit that I presume I had in case I had an ‘event’ (job interview, court, etc) and all of my shirts were either for painting or reinforced the bohemian world view that came with owning shoes and flip flops. Sure, most of that clothing probably had some sort of food-based stain on it (wing sauce and mustard being very hard to get out), but it was simple.

Sex, Lies & Videotapes’ Graham explains the complexity of multiple keys.

Here I am, five years later with 2 pairs of dress shoes, a pair of running shoes, walking shoes, boots, work boots, flip flops and miscellaneous foot-beshodment. I have multiple hues of khakis, dress pants, casual pants and … fuck, I don’t even know. All I know is I have a fucking closet, which is not to say a closet for fucking, because you can’t fuck in there. There’s too many clothes.

I mean, sure, I’m happy, but what consolation is that?

At any rate, we were putting together our show for this month and all the sketches we ended up picking were inadvertently some of our ancient stuff from 6 years ago. If I were a marketing person, I’d call these ‘deep cuts’. We’re really excited about it since we’ve gotten much more talented over the last half-decade and we’d like to show it to you.

Also, if you have a minute before 2/9, you could vote for us for the Charlotte Magazine Best of the Best award for best “Improv/Sketch Comedy Group” (under Arts – Best Local) and “Twitter Personality:Humor” (under Media – Best Local). Not that you’re not all attractive to look at, but we have vague dreams of getting new fans eventually… perhaps better, more attractive ones.


(who feels vaguely terrible at being slow to update the blog sometimes)

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