Croh no!

G’day folks. A lot of long time friends of the show know that while the majority of our cast lives entirely healthy, organic lives as fitness models completely untraumatized by our bodies or our pasts, a few of us are sickly. Normally we just kind of let that sickness sit there at a party in the[…]

Simpler times

Getting old sucks. Actually, I’m lying. Getting old is pretty fantastic except for the whole container for your soul falling apart thing. Other than that, it’s pretty fantastic. One of the downsides is that both with age and marriage, I’ve gathered up a number of accessories that I hadn’t intended… And no, my wife is[…]

Hiding in plain site

Sometimes, being hidden is difficult. I mean, we live in Charlotte, so hiding is not really something we place a lot of emphasis on. I mean, we have a giant light up penis in the middle of our city and radiant pink towers. We left subtle behind years ago. But sometimes, being hidden is to[…]