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Save the NC Film Incentive! (sorry, we hate politics, too)

June 12th, 2014 · No Comments

Hey, folks. As folks who entertain you in bars, we know you hate things that interrupt your non-stop happy-fun time. But, we also know some of you give a damn about your state, so I’m going to be political-ish for a minute.

The NC Film incentive is in danger of going away. I know a ton of people who benefit from the film industry and a ton of those folks will have to, like carnival workers follow to where there is work. These aren’t folks who are buying their fancy pants off of Amazon or from Hollywood. No, these people buy locally-made fancy pants using fabric from recycled NASCAR tires and old Wachovia golf shirts.

If you have time, I’d ask you to email your representative something like the below. I wouldn’t suggest emailing 10 or more at a time since you might get caught in a spam filter for the legislature.

And people hate spam filters like they hate imported fancy pants.

Representative –

I’d like to ask your assistance on a matter moderately important to me, and extremely important to my closest friends.
The NC Film Incentives are a fantastic growth opportunity for economic development here in North Carolina. They have brought many film industry productions to us and were slated to continue that path.
I have several friends who rely on the business that these incentives bring. My friends are directly involved in set design, graphic art, marketing, scripting, local talent recruiting, and much more.
If the incentives are changed into the proposed plan, they would virtually eliminate the low- and medium-budget filming and film production in North Carolina. It may not seem like much, but this business provides steady, year-round work for many citizens of the state. The blockbuster big name shows and movies are great, but they can’t happen year round and won’t given that there will be hard caps on the incentive fund.
Quite frankly, Georgia will continue to steal away business that currently resides in North Carolina and that’s bad for us economically, and worse for my friends who will have to live in Atlanta.
So I ask you, please do what you can to keep the NC Film Incentives strong. For our state’s economy, for our jobs, and for my friends.
The full email list is below. (If you’d just like to look up yours, you can go here)


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I honestly have no idea what this is

January 31st, 2013 · No Comments

I was on the Creative Loafing site the other day, as one is when one wants to understand the width and breadth of life in Charlotte. Or when you want to know what strip club has a discount. And what should I see? These ads.



Does this mean that Charlotte is getting a Dollywood? Is Dollywood going to replace Carowinds? Is Dollywood a travelling show? Is Dollywood a new dining experience with singing, dancing people? Also, why is the only black person in this ad not only in the back, but completely unseeable?



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Come read our blog, then read this entirely seperate blog

January 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

Hello loyal Robot…. whatever-our-group’s-name-is readers,

We love that you come to read our blog. It’s one of our favorite things… except for sex and booze and money and money for sex and booze and video games and making people think that we like foie gras. But now, we’re going to make you stop reading our blog for a minute and go read other blogs. You see, our friend Sean, the salt-and-pepper hair support group member and incidentally the joker who dragged this weird mix of horrible people together to for the conjoined monster that is Robot…. whatever-our-group’s-name-is, you see Sean is a blogger-for-a-day with Charlotte Magazine. I’ve been told that is like being elected president, only if you are shot, no one will jump in front of a bullet for you.

So you should go read his blog-for-a-day and share your happiness with him through the comments.



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Robot Johnson’s 5th Anniversary Party

December 6th, 2012 · No Comments

Hey, folks. We’ve been around Charlotte doing comedy for the last 5 years and we’ve really come far. We used to perform in the back of a crappy bar and now we’re performing in the back of a much nicer bar. Ah, progress.

We’re going to celebrate our anniversary at 10pm this Friday at Roux in NoDa with a few drinks and some conversation with the folks that would like to come out and join us. We’re not performing or anything, just celebrating and we’d love to have you come out and join us.

Here’s the FB invite, if you’re so inclined.



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Introducing Democracy 2.0

November 6th, 2012 · No Comments

I feel like I don’t even know you anymore, democracy. We used to be so close. We had a great run, don’t get me wrong. Remember when we went to Florida and got lost? Or when we had that four-day peyote trip with Ross Perot?

Good times.

But we’re more than 200 years into this experiment, and I have to be honest with you: you’re boring.  You’re a PBS special on Dutch Elm disease. You’re the technical awards at the Oscars. You’re a lettuce fart in locked car.

If we’re going to keep seeing each other we need to spice up our relationship. No more going to bed with the prettiest guy with the nicest hair.  When we first started going steady you would only talk to white guys with land. Now every Tom, Debrickashaw and Jaunita gets to bend your ear.

We need a new way of doing things. If the 2012 Bataan Death March has taught us anything, we are falling behind the times. We need a relationship for the 21st century. People want something sexy, something intriguing, something that is going to make them take notice. A ruling ideology that’s a freak in the sheets and a lady in the streets.

Let’s boost our q-rating. And I think I’ve found out how we save this republic of ours.

May I present you to our future: “1600,” the world’s first democracy reality show.

Every four years presidential candidates will be forced to participate in a “Fear Factor” style competition to determine who will lead us.

The show will be set at the Thunderdome. Each week, candidates will be forced to vie for your vote by humiliating themselves and proving their love of This republic. Think about the ratings when we lock Michelle Obama in the scorpion helmet and make Barack Obama eat 30 rotten pig penises in less than five minutes to get the pad lock combination. Throw Mitt Romney into the Sarlaac pit to square off against fifty angry wolverines with nothing but his wits and magic underwear.

What better way for a president to prove he loves us. Look at how many women Flavor Flav got to date him using this model, and that guy is dog shit piled 5 feet 3 inches high, and he has whores aplenty.

No more of this “one man, one vote” nonsense, either. And no more having to register to vote for that matter. No more driving 10 minutes to a polling place and waiting your turn behind that crazy old lady that somehow reeks of cat pee but hasn’t owned a living cat in more than a decade.

Why can’t we text our votes? Or better yet, let’s sext our votes from our couches at home.

I have a raging electorate just thinking about this plan.

After all the sexts have been cast and counted we’ll present the winner with the keys to the White House. That’s followed by a slow motion capture of the winner climbing the bloodied steps passed those marble, Athenian columns as a Queen song blares out and F-15s screech across the morning sky.

Cut to the loser, sucking eggs on the front lawn before secret service agents beat the living hell out of him and his family.

Cut. Print. Liberty!


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