Gone Walkabout

Howdy folks. With some good math skills, you might notice we haven’t posted here in a while. We’re currently in between venues, so we haven’t been posting much. We’re still very active, just not on stage. We’re working on a new place to perform as well as doing some film, writing and drinking projects and[…]

Mind the Gap

Let’s just pretend that I did my last post just a couple of days ago and not… *CHECKS CALENDAR* …six months? Six? Six fucking months? Christ, I’m lazy. (Apologies to RoJo’s lethargic Jewish friends). Anyways, the simple bit: We have new shows this weekend.

Simpler times

Getting old sucks. Actually, I’m lying. Getting old is pretty fantastic except for the whole container for your soul falling apart thing. Other than that, it’s pretty fantastic. One of the downsides is that both with age and marriage, I’ve gathered up a number of accessories that I hadn’t intended… And no, my wife is[…]