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Gone Walkabout

October 6th, 2015 · No Comments

Howdy folks. With some good math skills, you might notice we haven’t posted here in a while. We’re currently in between venues, so we haven’t been posting much. We’re still very active, just not on stage. We’re working on a new place to perform as well as doing some film, writing and drinking projects and appearing at some regional comedy festivals. We’ll put up some calendar events as we get them. MARKETING

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Mind the Gap

December 17th, 2014 · No Comments

Let’s just pretend that I did my last post just a couple of days ago and not… *CHECKS CALENDAR* …six months? Six? Six fucking months? Christ, I’m lazy. (Apologies to RoJo’s lethargic Jewish friends)

Anyways, the simple bit: We have new shows this weekend, Friday, Dec 19 (8:30) and Saturday, 20th (8:00) at Upstage in NoDa. Sure, you ask why different times each night? I’ll tell you why: Friend of the RoJo crew, Carlos Valencia is recording a standup album after the show on Friday and you could be there! Admittedly, you could be anywhere, seeing as you are alive and possessed of the ability to move yourself from one place to another (wasting time reading a Charlotte comedy group’s blog not withstanding), but you could be at this show. That way when you buy the album later (this argument depends on you accepting that you are going to buy the album), you can be like “OMG! I was totally there in the background respectfully laughing at the appropriate points and not being the sort of dickbag who tries to act up hoping he’ll end up on an album as the audio equivalent of writing in fresh cement!”

So there’s that. Go do that. Now for the next bit. I’m expecting children. And, unlike the time I expected to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance, this is probably going to happen. As a result, I’m not going to physically be in shows for a while. And while this may seem a tragedy to you readers (who are visiting suddenly after a six month absence for some reason), bear in mind that I am a much better writer than I am a performer. Several of my most famous (again, relative) scenes are ones in which I do not speak at all. So, in the words of many a politician and CEO, I am going to be focusing on and spending time with my family. And yes, again, I say ‘children’ and ‘family’ because as with so many other things in life, I have apparently hit the weirdest odds possible and we’re having twins. On the upside, I may be able to get most of parenthood out of the way on the first go around. On the downside, I AM GOING TO DIE BECAUSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO RAISE TWO BABIES SIMULTANEOUSLY DIE SUDDENTANEOUSLY.

My wife says I’ll be okay. She also says that I need to shut up and let her rest because her body is currently being drained of precious resources and energy faster than a recently liberated country.

I am going to be focusing on writing, because unlike acting, I can do it at pretty much any time and in my underwear while crying (though I think that was most of an entire movie with Christina Ricci that one time). And blogging. Because blogging is still a thing, right? People do that and not Instagram and Twitter, right?

Anyways, come see the show. I know I won’t.


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Simpler times

February 5th, 2014 · No Comments

Getting old sucks.

Actually, I’m lying. Getting old is pretty fantastic except for the whole container for your soul falling apart thing. Other than that, it’s pretty fantastic. One of the downsides is that both with age and marriage, I’ve gathered up a number of accessories that I hadn’t intended… And no, my wife is not an accessory, contrary to what I will tell you over beers and nachos that I punctuate with my secretly held anti-feminist views. I do a great impersonation of Betty Friedan as a phone sex operator that only works if I have sour cream and salsa.

The accessories that I mention are attire. 5 years ago, life was simple. I had one pair of shoes and one pair of flip-flops, all my pants were jeans – excepting my one suit that I presume I had in case I had an ‘event’ (job interview, court, etc) and all of my shirts were either for painting or reinforced the bohemian world view that came with owning shoes and flip flops. Sure, most of that clothing probably had some sort of food-based stain on it (wing sauce and mustard being very hard to get out), but it was simple.

Sex, Lies & Videotapes’ Graham explains the complexity of multiple keys.

Here I am, five years later with 2 pairs of dress shoes, a pair of running shoes, walking shoes, boots, work boots, flip flops and miscellaneous foot-beshodment. I have multiple hues of khakis, dress pants, casual pants and … fuck, I don’t even know. All I know is I have a fucking closet, which is not to say a closet for fucking, because you can’t fuck in there. There’s too many clothes.

I mean, sure, I’m happy, but what consolation is that?

At any rate, we were putting together our show for this month and all the sketches we ended up picking were inadvertently some of our ancient stuff from 6 years ago. If I were a marketing person, I’d call these ‘deep cuts’. We’re really excited about it since we’ve gotten much more talented over the last half-decade and we’d like to show it to you.

Also, if you have a minute before 2/9, you could vote for us for the Charlotte Magazine Best of the Best award for best “Improv/Sketch Comedy Group” (under Arts – Best Local) and “Twitter Personality:Humor” (under Media – Best Local). Not that you’re not all attractive to look at, but we have vague dreams of getting new fans eventually… perhaps better, more attractive ones.


(who feels vaguely terrible at being slow to update the blog sometimes)

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New shows, Promo events for the Blumenthal

September 9th, 2013 · No Comments

Howdy loyal blog readers,

As the literally dozens of you know, we’re running monthly shows at Upstage in NoDa these days and it’s working out for us rather nicely. People can find us on a reasonably predictable schedule and we can enjoy the bit where we don’t have to remember our own show dates when strangers ask us when our next show is and we just say ‘next month on a Friday and Saturday’. It’s much easier on us and marginally not-unhelpful (which is kind of our goal).


Also, we’ve got a couple of promotional events with the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center to promote the touring show Potted Potter. Potted Potter tells all 7 books of Harry Potter in 70 minutes. We’ll be discussing Potted Potter, Sketch Comedy and Harry Potter in general. There is a lunch & learn event on Wednesday, Sept. 11 (Yes, delightful date) at noon (RSVP here) and one on Sept. 17th at 7pm (I’ll amend the location closer to the date).

If you’re reading this, odds are you have nothing else going on in your life and you can make it to these events. Also, I’ve been told that I don’t relay information in a sensitive manner.


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Robot Johnson’s show found to be filled with toxic levels of niacin, hilarity.

April 17th, 2013 · No Comments

It’s been a long few weeks for everyone. Most of the cast has been rehearsing really hard for the last few weeks and I was busy getting married. Which is great because we did some market analysis a few years back and found that our key demographic is people who believe in family values, hard work and marriage. However, in a Adamsian error, we forgot to have our market researchers tell us what they were our key demographic for. One suspects that it is for people who will chase us with torches.

We’ve got a new show coming out this weekend and we hope you’ll come see it. Because if you don’t we’re all going to have to go to a party someone invited us to that we’re trying to avoid.



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