Best crime re-enactment evar?

I love a good crime re-enactment video. It brings joy to a face. A face which is mine. One of my favorite bits of TV in the last couple of years was Parks & Rec doing a re-enactment.

But that’s fiction. I’m talking about fact. And this is fact-tastic.

Apparently a woman in Australia (known for its uncommonly high number of Australians) decided to rob a convenience store with a knife. Standard fare, yes. Until it is pointed out that the woman in question didn’t bother to cover her face or her décolletage during the robbery.


Aside from how sad it is when a woman who – it can be said with a legal certainty and for one of the first times ever – would have been better off if she had become a stripper, it is also a great story about dumb criminals.

The bit that I love is the parody re-enactment of the crime that a Taiwanese network did:

I know this is from not one, but two different countries… but I love America.



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