RoJo’s new home in NoDa – Wine Up

Howdy folks. We’re moving into a new home in NoDa, which due to our poor physical fitness regimine is exactly 4 feet away from our old home in NoDa. We’re moving into Wine-Up, one door to the left of our old home. We’re really excited about this since the space is much larger, it’s still a bar and it has tons of interesting places to lounge about before and after the show. Also, we’re really excited by how adult we feel since it’s on the second floor and we’re being trusted with stairs like real grown-ups for once.

To celebrate, we’re doing a free show on Friday and Saturday nights this week at 10pm. We’re doing our theme show ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’, which went over like gangbusters, which is to say it went over very well and not to say that it went over like ethnic stereotypes that vary depending on your age and area of the country.

If you’re looking to find out about what we have to offer at no financial risk to yourself, haven’t caught a show with us recently or just happen to be cheap, this is the perfect thing for you. Also there is alcohol, so you can drown any unrealistic expectations you may have if it doesn’t pan out like you hoped.

So come on out to NoDa, grab a bite at one of the area restaurants and head over to see us at 10. It will be awesomeness.

Wine Up is located at 3306-C N. Davidson St., Charlotte, NC

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