RoJo’s Tania Kelly voted Best Local Actress

Our very own Tania Kelly has been voted Best Local Actress by Creative Loafing and we’re infinitely proud since she is more talented than we deserve (most of us can’t even get a callback at the auditions for our local church productions of Our Town*).

Robot Johnson is proud to sully Tania’s chances for future acting success by making sure this page and her association with a dodgy group of drinking bastards shows up in Google searches FOREVER.


*’Our’ church productions is a bit of an exaggeration. Comedians generally have a sketchy relationship with churches. Three of the people in our group have been excommunicated by the Catholic Church, two of us have been excommunicated by presbyterian or southern baptist churchs, which is impressive since they generally can’t agree on anything and one of us was excommunicated by a very angry looking cat.

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