A weekend of charity and booze to benefit a tramp

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A few weeks back, a friend of our show, Austin Caine, lost his abode in a fire (link to the WCNC story about the apartment fire). He’s been coming to our shows for years and doing everything from recording audio of our show to doing our headshots and a ton of stuff in between.

Awwww, look at that lil homeless scamp!
He’s immensely scampy! And terribly homeless!

Being problem solvers and notable drunks, Zaq Rogers (one of the RoJo cast members) and some of Austin’s other friends leapt into action! Leap is a bit of an exageration due to the poor physical fitness regimine of most artsy folks, but they moved faster than normal into action! There are a couple of charity events going on this weekend to help the cause. (I apologize in advance for linking to Facebook to coordinate these things, but that’s how the future goes)

  • Friday 10/12: Iron Bartender (at Wine Up)
    Four Charlotte are bartenders will compete in two head-to-head matchups, with the winner of each squaring off in the final, for a total of three rounds. A secret ingredient will be chosen before each round, and the bartenders will have ten minutes to create a drink using that ingredient. The drinks will then be judged by our celebrity panel, which includes:
    ZAQ ROGERS of Robot Johnson & Iron Cordoba Events
    BIG MAMMA D of Big Mamma’s House of Burlesque!
  • Saturday 10/13: Out of the Ashes Benefit Show (at the Chop Shop)
    Ric Evans
    Sinners & Saints
    Your Dirty Habit
    Robot Johnson
    Also there will be a number of raffled items (check out the link for the full list)

If you’re so inclined, you can always donate directly.


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