Croh no!

G’day folks. A lot of long time friends of the show know that while the majority of our cast lives entirely healthy, organic lives as fitness models completely untraumatized by our bodies or our pasts, a few of us are sickly. Normally we just kind of let that sickness sit there at a party in the background like a fat, lonely friend, ignoring them and hoping that they don’t go on a moping rampage, ruining the night for the friend that brought them when they announce that they have to GO NOW.

One of the folks in our group has what is generally described as “Christ? Is anything right with you?”, a lot of which stems from their Crohn’s disease. It’s a terrible illness that, as you may have guessed from the name, is a disease. I’ve known a few people who suffer from it and its rough watching them go through it as it comes on sometimes at random and derails their ability to get on with their life. Missing days at work, keeping them from coming out to the titty bar with you, making them miss group hang out events and even causing them horrible, terrible pain that makes it feel like the universe hates them. (NOTE: The universe is on record as having official policy of hate against them… or so it says)

At any rate, there are people out there who are combatting this illness. Most of them are scientist, but some of them are specially trained, rag-tag groups of ex-military commandos. If you have Chron’s disease, if no one else can help, and if you can find them,  maybe you can hire them.


But as with all sorts of science, it takes money. And money comes from fund-raisers (and hustling, if songs are to be believed). One of our friends is doing just that right now. If you’ve got some time, please consider donating to this cause. The literally (Editor’s Note: INSERT NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM THIS BEFORE PUTTING UP THIS POST SO YOU DON’T LOOK STUDPI) who suffer from Crohn’s disease will thank you.


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