Jan 16, 2008

Cast Bios

Brandon Lee Ballard
is a North Carolina native, born in the year of our lord nineteen hundred and eighty six, who has been performing comedy in one form or another for most of his cognitive life. By the age of 15 Brandon had shaped himself into an amusing yet highly unsuccessful standup comic, influenced highly at a young age by the likes of Jack Benny, Sam Kinison, and the immortal Bill Hicks. At the age of 20, after many years of lackluster comedy shows and theatre productions, Brandon successfully auditioned for Murder Mystery Players. Through MMP he was introduced to several former Perch affiliates including Zaq Rogers and Candy Cortinas. With strong recommendations from said people, Mr. Ballard is now a part of the Robot Johnson team.Like a fat kid in a pudding factory, he’s damn happy to be here.

Candice Cortinas has worked with Robot Johnson from day one. Unfortunately for them, she isn’t better at what she does. Her official title is “the person that does stuff”. Candice does stuff. If she doesn’t already know how to do stuff, she learns how. She also knows how to get stuff done.

Drew Aronica
is one of the most beloved comedians within his one bedroom condo. Like most successful people, he hails from Buffalo; a city of snow, road construction, but above all, snow. After graduating from the University at Buffalo, he moved to New York City to pursue his career in advertising alongside stand up comedy. When discovering his lack of go-getter-ness, he moved to Charlotte and got involved in Robot Johnson, mainly because he thought a robot would be doing most of the work.

Field Cantey
is one of the newer additions to Robot Johnson, but he’s pretty sure he’s the favorite new guy. He has a very pragmatic degree in Political Science and English from the University of South Carolina, where he spent a lot of time performing with local comedy supergroup Toast Improv. He eventually moved to Charlotte and spent a few years trying to deny his comedy calling. Field now spends his time stoking faux rivalries, undergoing random bursts of Muppety exuberance and looking for all signs of the Robot Uprising. Why does a man with an intense fear of robots join a group named Robot Johnson? No one knows. Field’s the worst. But, he’s very happy to be a part of this group, despite everyone’s warnings that it will eventually “hollow out” his soul.

Graham Odom
considers himself to be very strong. He also considers himself to be very funny. Like any lie, there is some truth to both of these things. He comes to us from a world of subtle elegance and corporate greed. In his past lie many exotic tales of deeds done, battles won and foes vanquished. His resume says that he has a day job, which makes him some sort of irish Don Quixote. One can only imagine what memo generating windmill he has slain with his friend and faithful squire, Sancho. Also, he’s from Charlotte, which is notorious for being filled with windmills.

Josh Lanier
, former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, joined Robot Johnson in early 2012 as a writer. After a short prison term in his formative years, and subsequent release where he lived in a small Arizona town under the assumed name Ron Mexico, Josh re-devoted his life to Jesus – a light-brown pit bull pup. When not writing for local magazines and newspapers, he serves as the current QB for the Philadelphia Eagles. He lives alone without regret and several concussions.

Luci Wilson
. Prior to her involvement with Robot Johnson, Luci Wilson was not a comedian, nor an actress, but she was naturally real good at dancing. Through the group, she has been delighted to discover new life skills, which coincidentally go along with being real good at dancing.She enjoys handbags, crossword puzzles & bagels, but dislikes West Virginia jokes because “She Are Marshall”.

Meghan Lowther
is an actress. She’s had the pleasure of working with the Barebones Theatre Group, Collaborative Arts, Epic Arts, Chickspeare and Children’s Theatre. Some of her favorite shows include, Shakespeare’s R & J, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, The Expanding Sky, The House of Yes, and Sylvia for which she won the 2004 Metrolina Theatre Association award for Best Actress in a Comedy. She’s thrilled to be fooling around with Robot Johnson. She just hopes everyone has their shots. She’d like to thank everyone she’s ever met except for three people. And you know who you are.

Sean Keenan
started doing stand-up at the tender age of 15, started sketch comedy at age 21, became head writer of “The Perch Sketch Comedy Group” at 24, started doing a weekly spot on “Fox News Edge” at 28, at 30, worked for MTV as “The Talking Baby,” was fired from MTV at age 31, quit comedy at 32, and returned to start the sketch comedy group “Robot Johnson” at 34. Fueled by ego and world domination by 36.

Tania Kelly
is genuinely happy to have found an outlet for her weird, sarcastic and sometimes gross humor in Robot Johnson. A North Carolina native, Tania has had the great fortune to have worked onstage and backstage for Children’s Theater of Charlotte, Carolina Actor’s Studio Theater, and Actor’s Theater of Charlotte. She is very proud to not have any kids at the current time and hopes to never gain any fame from reality television – but Youtube fame is fine.

Tiffany Apple
is a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she majored in Graphic Design. Born with comic timing, and raised with a theatrical background, Tiffany’s bio, like her life, is a work in progress.When Tiffany isn’t working on her “craft” she is also working on her crafts.  Check out her online shop here

Zaq Rogers
was born to parents that couldn’t have been happier. A military brat Rogers moved around a lot in his childhood. His family finally settled down in Crown Town in 1989 when his younger brother was born. To keep getting the attention he was addicted to, Rogers started his comedic career. Writing his first parody song when he was eleven, and mastering a Bill Cosby impression, Rogers started slaying bus stop audiences around Charlotte. Then tragedy struck, Rogers’ parents got divorced. Of course he used comedy as a coping mechanism when he had to move in with his grandmother, which only sharpened his comedic wit. So when the Perch came a calling in 1999 Zaq Rogers was more than ready. Rogers’ presence has been felt all throughout Charlotte’s entertainment scene since, from stand up to cover bands to murder mysteries. People who’ve had the pleasure to work with Rogers say the same thing: “I’m so lucky”. Right now Rogers is in two sketch comedy groups and is a member of the hip hop group “Elephants of Surprise”. “I’m just happy to be able to work with people who are just as talented as I am”, says Rogers after the first Robot Johnson show.